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Visyer is a real-time music player and visualizador with support for many virtual devices like Cassettes, PurpleRays and others in order to create playlists.

Isn't needed to copy your music into it, it comes with a tool that with a single drag drop you can create the playlist with the songs you want, it will find them on the computer. Allows individual track support loading directly from the main panel.

This is an early access to the tool, means more contents are about to be added or change. Alpha version, expect errors, leaks, missing content and crashes.


  • Real-time 3D music visualizer and vibrations output.
  • Cassettes & PurpleRays playlists creation up 250 songs.
  • Common music formats supported: (.mp3, .wav, .ogg, .flac)
  • Stream Radios supported and Radio device inside.
  • Total control of visualizers per Hz's.
  • 2 Different scenes.
  • More to come...

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This game is currently unavailable

Download demo

visyer-win64-starter-alpha.zip 344 MB
Version 0.8.2
visyer-win64-redist.zip 76 MB
Version 0.8.2

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